ALF Team

We have assembled a truly remarkable team to support the ALF community and build holder value. This team's knowledge, expertise, and engagement rivals the most exclusive and pricey communities. Available to you by holding an ALF NFT.


Dez (Co-Founder) ALF Operations Twitter: FuturistDez Discord: deztx

Found a love of the markets while in the US military, obtaining degrees in Finance and Economics after service. Currently working in management within the Stock Brokerage industry, leading a team primarily focused in Derivatives and Risk Management. Found Bitcoin in 2011 and fell in love with the tech. Then found Solana in 2021, immediately identifying the scalability, and decided to build here

Funcracker (Co-Founder) Technology Twitter: RonaldTreur Discord: funcracker

Studied Computer Science at the University of Utrecht (NL) and enrolled in their Master's Program, Geometry, Imaging & Virtual Environments (GIVE). He is a lifelong gamer who dreamt of becoming a game developer but found himself in demand as a web developer instead. Spent multiple years leading a guild in World of Warcraft, and has had similar roles in various mobile MMO-like games afterward. Found out about Solana & Star Atlas in early 2021, and went on to co-found Aephia Industries, one of the first Star Atlas DACs (aka "guilds").

Tom (Co-Founder) Investment Team (Team Lead and Asset Lending) Twitter: TomQH_ Discord: tomqh

Holds a Computer Science degree from Cambridge University, and has been working in traditional finance for over 25 years in various senior management positions in top-tier banks. He currently works for a global bank based in London, and has run large teams and organizations during his career. He has a well-diversified portfolio of investments across all asset classes, most recently including crypto and NFTs since 2020.

Brutus Artist Twitter: l3rutus

In early 2000, started out as an Industrial Designer with a wireless audio and video game peripheral firm, where hours of ‘testing’ was a weekly requirement. A genuinely work hard, play hard culture even if it was a bit FPS heavy for an RPG/RTS gamer. Later, shifted into graphic design, mapping, and visualizations for urban design. Launched into crypto in 2021 by helping a colleague with a token whitepaper. Shortly after was intrigued by the potential for digital asset ownership in blockchain gaming and found Star Atlas, which was also an introduction to Solana.

Mantabowl Investment Team (NFTs) Alpha Team Twitter: Mantabowl

An Industrial Engineer and Businessman. Started his career in investment banking and has a strong background in investing, financial analysis, and valuations. He has been in crypto since 2018, introduced to Solana through Star Atlas. A self-professed NFT Degen, he focuses mainly on ETH and Solana

Tykken Investment Team (Tokenomics and VC Opportunities) Twitter: ValldemarHansen

Early crypto trader/investor, having begun his journey purchasing 11 BTC in 2011, only to sell too early for $2k. He is a hardcore gamer, which brought him to Solana through Star Atlas. He boasts an expansive network within the Venture Capital realm, deeply rooted in both alpha communities and numerous Venture Capital firms. He is renowned for bringing VC and Seed round opportunities to the group, most notably an $800k Aephia funding raise for the Myria node pre-sale. He is an expert on Tokenomics and Project Valuation.

Inevitable Investment Team (Technical Analysis and Trading) Twitter: InevitableCT

Experienced entrepreneur and advisor, having built multiple web and SaaS solutions, and an award-winning FPS game. Background in banking/TradFi, nowadays charts and technical analysis. Focused on product, growth, and creating experiences that spark joy.

Yossy Community Management Twitter: YossyBossy02

Professional joker in Aephia's discord in his free time. Got into crypto in early-2021 when he found Solana and Star Atlas. Joined Aephia shortly after and fell in love.

Machete Community Management Twitter: SlodyMachete

Machete is a long time gamer and structural engineering student. Star Atlas and Aephia were his first ventures into Web3 in early 2022, and he is passionate about quality community and discord security

Notable Project Contributors

Sensei Yamura

Instrumental in the early ideation and development of the project. Sensei created the foundational elements for the creature that became ALF.


Twitter: GamingtheGrind A gamer and computer hobbyist, with a background in medicine. His crypto journey started in 2020 as an ETH miner and continued down the rabbit hole to DeFi, NFTs, and P2E/M2E gaming. He has consistently been the top lender on Citrus. While not part of the project’s team, Alsipsclar is a trusted friend and brings thoughtful insights to our community and the team.

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