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Spreading the [AEP] discord tag throughout Web3 projects

ALF Explorers

Our private community has grown passively, through word of mouth and genuine engagement with other communities. As a result, not only is the [AEP] tag visible across the Discord-verse, but our members are also seen as high-quality additions to servers. With this intentional expansion of our community, that presence will continue to permeate the space and offer our holders even more access.

We've all been in servers that ping you endlessly to shill some random project you've never heard of and don't care about. We promise that you won't have to continue looking for new ways to mute our channels. For our engaged and interested holders, a single role will be pinged for Alpha: nft-degen.

What we will do is offer a collaborative, informative, and at-will collection of channels that allow members to explore the vast knowledge of our teams and their peers. Our community has always been driven by its members, which has allowed us to thrive as a whole. The speed at which our community spreads knowledge is what has made these [previously regarded as] side channels some of the most active and helpful chats many of us have experienced.

Alpha Services

As a holder, you will get exclusive access to our NFT Alpha group, which includes:

  • Access to projects through collaborations and events

  • Access to private sales

  • Access to Whitelist opportunities (higher chance of getting WL, based on the quantity held & attributes of your NFTs)

  • Access to our Investment Team through private holder chat, available for discussions on Projects, Tokens, and trading

Notable Pre-Sale/WL Opportunities Obtained

Aephia’s Alpha group (AEP) has celebrated many good investments and trades over the past few months, including pre-sale and WL access for some of the top mints on Solana and Eth:

  • Myria (03-2022) Entry: private node sale Aephia joined the private node sale that Maria had opened up to some investment groups. Within a week members raised over $800k worth in ETH, which netted us a little over 100 nodes.

  • GenesysGo SSC

  • Portals

  • Okay Bears

  • Metame

  • Vtopia

  • Honeyland

  • Mad Lads

  • Azra


  • Elixir

  • Sentries

  • Smyths

  • Y00ts

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