WL Gamification

Details will be announced post mint.

Gamification of Whitelist

We have created a thoughtful WL allocation model that we know our community will appreciate. It features buffs for both total ALF NFTs held and specific attributes on those ALFs.

More details on this will be released post mint! While we build an automated system for this, WL allocations will be raffled through Subber instead, with each NFT held granting 1 ticket and additional bonus tickets given based on total Quantity Held.

This mechanism will never apply to the Holder Rewards program allocations.

May not apply to all WL raffles (e.g. FCFS, Time Based, Collaboration Negotiated Allocations).

Community Question

Should these effects be non-linear? (Quantity and Attribute affect each other) Too OP? Maybe Higher number of the two boosts? What do you think is the ideal setup? Trying to gain the NFT-Explorer role to enter the WL raffles? Debate this topic in alf-chat for a chance to WL.

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