Holder Rewards

Airdrop Program

Our Revenue Allocation model aims to create a consistent Holder Airdrop program that adds value to those who meet our snapshot requirements. This decision will be finalized with community discussion and polling, post mint. Below is a rough outline of where we think we'll end up.

Holder Rewards Qualifications

Merely owning an NFT won't be enough to qualify for Holder Rewards. We plan to set up some achievable and easy-to-understand requirements. The idea here is not to make this overly restrictive; it is really meant as a simple check for intent.


  • NFTs must be unlisted

  • Royalties must have been paid

  • NFTs must be staked for a minimum of 15-days prior to airdrop date. (Staking site announced post-mint)

When will Rewards be distributed?

First and foremost, Holder Rewards Distributions are not a guarantee. The ability to offer these is solely dependent on the performance of our investments.

The ALF Management Team wants each and every airdrop to be meaningful and impactful. In order to achieve this, we will set a Minimum Distribution Target, which is the minimum amount received by a single NFT holder. We won't be distributing rewards before this target is reached. Our goal is to have a large majority of qualifying wallets receive airdrops of at least our Minimum Distribution Target. A dashboard on the ALF website will show targets, expected airdrops, and airdrop history.

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