Venture Capital Opportunities

Post mint, the full analysis process will be shared with holders. Below is an overview of the review criteria that will be used by the ALF Investment Team.

Key Metrics for Crypto Investments

Tokenomics: -Details Omitted- Tokenomics is crucial, yet often misunderstood. Many focus on the token allocation for the team instead of the valuation they are paying for their tokens. It is essential to delve into these numbers so that you know what you are actually paying for your tokens. That way you can compare it with similar projects that are already live.

Fundamentals and Usecase: -Details Omitted-

Hype/Popularity: -Details Omitted-

Vesting: -Details Omitted-

Team: -Details Omitted-

Backers: -Details Omitted-

On top of this, there are other metrics like Legal and regulatory compliance, partnerships and collaborations, roadmap and progress etc.etc.


An example of past AEP investment strength is the $800k Myria Nodes pre-sale purchase by Aephians in 2022. This opportunity was brought to Aephia by member Tykken's venture capital network. Aephians sent their ETH to Tykken over a period of several weeks, fully based on trust, without any multi-sig wallet or governance setup. Tykken managed the purchase and payment on behalf of Aephia, which we would not have been able to participate in as individuals. It all worked out well, and is a testimony to the trust that Aephians have developed with each other over the years.

Many more such early opportunities will be available to ALF holders, extending beyond Solana.

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