Revenue Allocation

Community Driven and Sustainability Focused

We created a Revenue Allocation framework that we believe will allow the ALF Treasury to not only thrive in the near term, but to continue to grow and expand into the future.

Revenue Allocation Model

Additionally, ALL royalties will flow directly to the ALF Treasury, benefiting all holders.

80% of the value created will directly benefit ALF Holders

You read that right!

  • 50% of the Revenue will be retained and re-invested back into the Treasury, benefiting all holders proportionally.

  • 30% of all Revenue will go directly back to holders through Reward Airdrops.

The other 20%

The Team’s goal has been to create a remuneration structure that ties their interests directly to those of the NFT holders. To this end, the only inflows to the Team will come from our collective success.

Operational Costs

10% of revenue earned will be used by The Team to maintain ALF, including:

  • ALF Management Team (The Team) Compensation

  • Alpha Gatherer Services

  • Moderators

  • Community Managers

  • Hosting (website, bots, etc)

  • Any other Team directed activities


10% of the revenue earned will be used to compensate the ALF investment team.

This means that their remuneration is not only directly correlated to profit, but the team will not be paid unless a profit is made.

The ability to offer any Holder distributions requires the team to create value post-mint. While it is our full intention to offer consistent and meaningful distributions, distributions are NOT guaranteed.

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