Investment Management

This ALF Treasury will be managed by the ALF Investment Management Team (ALF Team), comprised of experienced financial experts in both TradeFi and Blockchain investing. They have gained the trust and respect of Aephians through providing invaluable insight into NFT and Crypto markets over the last 2+ years.

This will allow ALF NFT holders to leverage first-class NFT/Crypto investment management, alleviating the need to directly manage their own portfolios (along with the time-consuming research, whitelisting, minting & trading involved).

We believe that we are very well positioned to capitalize on the current market conditions. Now is an opportune time to invest with an experienced investment team!

Allocation Cap for Invested Assets by Category

Disclaimer: All allocation percentages and investment categories are variable based on ALF Investment Team’s market analysis and market outlook. These numbers are strictly true as of date/time of last update only. For a more recent breakdown please check our Holder Resources (post-mint).

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