A space career themed NFT collection

To the explorer in us all.

If you are here now, reading this, you are an Explorer. You are in search of something, and we've been there because we are explorers too. This collection features our playful interpretation of the various ways we may choose to customize our pets and ourselves, in the future.

The art for our NFT collection is based upon Aephia's Discord mascot Tugi (used with permission from Star Atlas). Tugi is based on one of Star Atlas' early discarded concept designs for the popular Tigu pet. We hope you will enjoy our unique and diverse collection, and identify with the characters - either as a PFP to represent yourself in Web3, or as mementos of your investment journey with us.

1:1 Art

10 ALF 1:1 NFT's will be part of the random mint process so that everyone has the same proportional odds of minting one of these anomalous NFTs. In addition to featuring unique attributes and aesthetic, each 1:1 will be entitled to receive 3x the non-1:1 Holder Rewards distribution.

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