DAO (Future)

Once the project has reached a level of maturity in process and holder community, the intention is to hand over the governance to an ALF DAO.

Until then, the ALF holder community will be consulted through feedback polls, while day-to-day decisions will be made by the core team. We expect this to be the status quo for at least the first year post mint but expect a DAO to be established prior to our second anniversary.

Why not establish the DAO immediately?

We expect that early post-mint, our process will change frequently as we formalize our internal procedures and controls. In the formative months just after mint, the team will need the freedom to adjust quickly as we identify, test, and deploy tools and resources. We also want to build the structure of our DAO with the input of the ALF community, including the setting of boundaries between the Operations Team, Investment Team, and DAO. Through polls, community engagement, and discussions we hope to build a sustainable set of procedures that allows all parts of our project to operate effectively, efficiently, and securely. Long term a DAO is 100% going to happen though. I don't think any of us would disagree that a self-sustaining, healthy, and engaged DAO is the vision. This would also include things like published rules/policies, internal procedures, and on-chain programs to automate/protect some functions.

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